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By The Sea Toscano Dean Barnes Dean Huh Prod.
Abracadabra Mouth Paul HaypennyIndie Prod.
State & Main Delivery Man David Mamet New Line Prod.
Celtic Pride Cab Driver Tom Decerccio Paramount
Housesitter Bus Driver Frank Oz Warner Bros.
One Crazy Summer Angry Man Steve Holland Warner Bros.
Shakes the clown Spur Bobcat Goldthwait IRS Films


Brotherhood Series Regular Showtime
Roughing It Guest Star NESN
Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn Guest Star Comedy Ctrl.
Late Night w/ Conan O’Brien Recurring NBC
Seinfeld Guest Star NBC
The Single Guy Guest Star NBC
Boston Common Guest Star NBC
Players Guest Star NBC
C-16 Guest Star ABC
Unhappily Ever After Guest Star WB
Bobcat’s Big Ass Show Producer/Performer F/X
Dr. Katz Professional Therapist Guest Star Comedy Ctrl.


American Tourister Luggage Gorilla National “Spokesperson” 1987-1992


Jay Leno, Bobcat Goldthwait, Adam Sandler, Steven Wright,
Dennis Miller, The Temptations, Chuck Berry, Billy Ray Cyrus,
Kenny Rogers, KC and the Sunshine Band,
A Tribute to Jerry Lewis @ The Paladium London, England

Clubs, Cable TV, Theater, Numerous Commercials, and Training Upon Request

Special Skills & Interests

Sports, Gourmet Cooking, Motor Cycle Riding, Bocce, Post Modern Dance, Mountain Biking, Carpentry, Juggling, Hockey, Weight Lifting, Elvis Enthusiast, Bus Driver, Dieting, Cartography, Kennedy Assassination, Skiing, Accents and Dialects Education

B. S. Psychology - University of Massachusetts, Boston. MSW Post Graduate

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